Thursday, October 16, 2008

yam poriyal (soorna ukkeri)

we use yam frequently. in the rainy seasons you will get good yam. we call it as 'soornu'. with this we use to make yam fry, yam curry and yam pickle etc etc...

soorna ukkeri is a simple and tasty side dish for Dal rice...

here is it...



yam -1/2kg

onions -2nos

oil -1tsp

mustard -1tsp

red chilly powder -2tsp

salt - add to taste

hing -one pinch


clean the yam and cut it into lengthwise thin pieces.cut the onions thin slices. in a kadai put oil ,mustard when it starts spluttering add the sliced onions and fry.when it become light brown add the red chilly powder and enough water and add the yam. allow it to cook in a simmer fire. when It half done add salt. when the water get evaporated add sprinkle the hing powder and 1tsp of coconut oil and stire well.serve hot with Dal rice......

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