Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ovreya katthelly bhajille ghashi and ovreya masala

the double beans is called 'ovro' in konkani. usually we use this in soi bajile ghashi ,and ovreya sukke. One can make Gassi with various combination of vegetables and cereals - like soornu - chono ( yam - black channa), ovro - dentto (beans - drumstick) attano- dentto(peas-drumstick)

here i tried the double beans in katthelly bhajille ghashi with a combination of soornu-dentto-kele-overo(yam-drumstick-double beans-raw banana).

try this and tell me how it is.............

Massolu'' is the main ingredient of making '' Gassi '' in Konkani cuisine. It can either be freshly prepared or made in bulk in advance and used as per requirement. here in" kathelly bhajilly ghashi"the' masolu' is freshly ground and little vary from the usual "ghashi masolu".dry coconut is used in this ghashi.that gives a different taste to the dish ......



coconut -1/2

red chilly -4nos

coriander seeds -2tbsp
pepper -1tsp

fry the coconut along with other items till it become dark brown. allow it is cool.then grind it into a smooth paste. keep it aside.

double beans -1/2 cup
soornu (medium dice ) -1/2 cup
kele (raw banana cut into medium dice)-1/2 cup
drumstick -1nos
dry mango pieces -3 or 4
instead of dry mango you can use raw mango or kokum also

boil the vegetables with salt.cook the double beans in the pressure pan . take two whistle and keep it in a simmer fire for 5 minutes. add this boiled double beans to the cooked vegetables along with the dry mango pieces.
add the freshly ground masolu and take a boil. sprinkle hing powder on the top and stire well. your tasty" katthelly bhajilly ghashi" is ready




double beans -1cup cooked

onions -2nos

garlic -4nos

red chilly powder -1tsp

coriander powder -2tsp

meat masala -1tsp

cook the double beans with salt in the pressure pan . take 2 whistle and keep it in a simmer fire for 5 minutes.

heat oil in a kadai.

fry the onions and garlic . when it become golden brown add the red chilly powder, coriander powder, and meat masala powder, and stire .add the cooked double beans and boil for 20 minutes in a simmer fire. garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot........


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