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veins removed with the help of a knife and washed leaf.

colocasia leaves

colocasia leaves grow plenty in kerala

pathorodo is basically a konkani dish,made with colocasia kerala almost everywhere you can see it .there they grow in plenty.pathorodo is one of our favorite dish.even though these leaves are very itchy, they taste good if prepared in a correct proportion.i used to watch my mom making the pathorodos. she used to give so many tips about choosing the leaves. they should be very tender and should pluck it from the middle of the plant.when i got married and settled in Chennai,it is very difficult for me to get the colocasia leaves.but my parents when they comes to chennai they brings these leaves.with these leaves not only pathorodo, even gantiya gashi,alvathi,unndi,therya bajji,etc we used to make. all these are traditional konkani food only.
you need
colocasia leaves -6/7
# for the pathorodo we have to remove the nerves from the leaves. then wash it with plenty of water.
for the batter
boiled rice (ukkodo orovu) -1 1/2cups
Thur Dal -1/4 cup
grated coconut -1nos
red chillies -6nos
turmeric powder -1tsp
tamarind -extract of one big lemon size
astofodia -1tsp
salt -to taste
# soak the rice and Thur Dal overnight.grind the soaked rice and Thur Dal into coarsely ground paste. grind grated coconut, red chillies, turmeric powder, adding tamarind extract and salt into a smooth paste.mix it with rice batter and mix it thoroughly.add astofodia and salt if you want.
spread the leaf .take one hand full of batter and spread it evenly on the leaf.keep the second leaf on the top of the first leaf again apply the batter. repeat the same just like before with 4 or 5 leaves. now roll them into a cylindrical shape. tie it with a thread.
steam the pathorodos in cooker or "pedavena"for one hour in a simmer fire. cut it into small pieces and serve hot with coconut oil.

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