Thursday, October 2, 2008

tamarind rice (chinhamba seeth)

puli sadam - here it is very common in Tamil nadu.i learned this from my mom in low.she makes this dish very easily.may be the recipe is little different from the other puli sadam,but it taste the same....try it out......
things needed
rice - 1cup
water -21/4 cups
tamarind pulp -1/4 cup
sambar powder -2tbsp
coriander powder-1tbsp
haldi -1tsp
hing powder -1tsp
jaggery - 1tbsp
for seasoning
gingelly oil -2tbsp
mustard -1tsp
Channa Dal -2tsp
red chillies -4 nod
curry patha -2springs
salt -to taste
cook the rice with water . spread the cooked rice in a plate to cool . otherwise the rice will get sticky.
keep a kadai. put gingelly oil and heat. when the smoke comes put mustard,Channa Dal, red chillies,curry patha and stir. add tamarind pulp.when it start boiling, add sambar powder, coriander powder, haldi, salt, and hing and take a boil. add jaggery and boil till the oil separates.
add cooked rice and stir well. keep it in a simmer fire for another 5 to 10 minutes and serve hot
you can garnish this with cooked groundnut

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