Saturday, October 18, 2008


this is my mom in lows favorite dish . and this recipe i got it from her.and very easy to make....



raw rice -1 1/2 cups

coconut -1nos

cooked old rice -1cup

soda bi carb -1/2tsp

sugar -to taste

salt - to taste



soak the raw rice for 5 hours. wash it well and keep it aside.

great the coconut and keep it aside

grind the grated coconut into a smooth paste. the grind the soaked raw rice and old cooked rice together into a smooth paste .mix it with the coconut paste . add enough salt and sugar and stire well. keep this dough for one full night to day add the soda bi carb and mix well. add enough water to the dough .in the appa thava pour 1 karndi full dough and make appams. you need not flip it to the other side.cover it with a lid and cook it in a simmer fire.serve with hot egg masala.....

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