Friday, October 31, 2008

kathirikkai vatral kuzhambu

some vegetables can be sun dried and is called 'vatral'and with that kuzhambu can be prepared and taken with rice.

fresh vegetables like brinjal,colocasia can be used to prepare this kuzhmbu.peeled garlic, or garlic and small onions,along with vatral can be used to make this kuzhambu.common vatral available are ladies finger, manathakali, cluster beans, sundakai, buttergaurd, etc..
today i prepared this kuzhambu with brinjal.try this.....
brinjal -1nos
gingelly oil -1tbsp
tamarind extract -1/4 cup
sambar powder -2tbsp
salt -as required
jaggery -1"piece
for seasoning
mustard - 1tsp
Channa Dal - 1tsp
fenugreek -1/2 tsp
red chilly -3 nos
gingelly oil -to shallow fry the brinjals
asafoetida -little
heat oil . shallow fry the brinjals till they become brown.
heat oil in a kadai.add mustard seeds , fenugreek, Channa Dal , red chilly and asfoetida and fry for a minute. add the sambar powder in the seasoning itself. pour the tamarind extract and salt and boil it in a simmer fire till the oil separates. add enough water and boil.after 15 minutes add the fried brinjals and jaggery and keep boiling for five to ten minutes.garnish with curry patha....
if sambar powder is not available,add red chilly powder 1 tbsp,and coriander powder 2 tbsp in the oil add roasted fenugreek powder 1/2tsp just before removing from fire.
usually in Tamil nadu people use more gingelly oil ,which gives a special flavour to this curry and good for health also.

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