Monday, October 6, 2008

beans poriyal. (chvley sukke)

traditional konkani dry side dish is called" sukke". this is different from our normal sukke. normally we don't put garlic in sukke,but i tried with garlic and it came out very well, and tastier also.....

you need
beans -1 cup
grated coconut -3tbsp
garlic -3 or 4
red chilly powder -2tsp
haldi -1/2 tsp
for seasoning
oil -1tsp
mustard -1tsp


soak the beans over night ,and cook it with salt and 1tsp of oil in a pressure pan . take 2 whistle and keep it in a simmer fire for 5 minutes. then open the lid and keep it outside.

heat oil in a kadai. add mustard , when it start spluttering add the cooked chavli and rest of the water and boil.

take the grated coconut ,mix the haldi and ,red chilly powder and garlic and mix it with your hand. then add this to the cooked chavli and stir well. when the water got evaporated sprinkle 1tsp of coconut oil and serve hot with rice and Dal......

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