Sunday, September 28, 2008


another variety of dosha...very easy to want to try this????with red coconut chutney this polo is very nice.

raw rice _ 1 1/2 cups
coconut -1/2 grated
Thur Dal -1/4 cup
onions -2nos chopped
cabbage - 2 cups chopped
red chilly -3nos
tamarind -1 small piece
salt - add to taste (but little less)


soak rice and Thur Dal together for about 5 to 6 hours.grind it with coconut and red chilly and tamarind . it should not be a smooth paste. and no too should be half grind and semi liquid batter.add salt and chopped onions and cabbage. mix well . and keep this batter out side for 1 hour to ferment.keep the dosha thava and make doshas putting oil. when it started browning flip to the other side and cook till it become light brown. serve hot with red coconut chutney


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