Friday, September 19, 2008


a typical kerala breakfast may be puttu,which is rice powder and greated coconut steam cooked together in a bamboo stick or metal puttu maker .it is served with banana ,plain with sugar of with a spicy chickpeas curry.....

for puttu powder


soak raw rice for 1 ,1/2 hours . allow it to dry for 1 hour.then put the dry rice into the mixer and powder it into a rough puttu powder.keep a kadai ,and dry fry the puttu powder well till the aroma comes.allow it to can keep the powder for further use.
you need
rice flour -2cups
ghee -1tbsp
salt -to taste
sugar -1tbsp
mix the rice flour with all the ingredients except water.
mix it well.add water little by little to the rice flour and mix it gently.the flour should be wet enough for steaming,but we have to be careful when you add water to the flour.the consistency had got to be should not become too watery.puttu has to be made in puttu maker .layer the puttu maker with grated coconut first.then the rice flour and the grated coconut and the rice flour ,once again the grated coconut.steam it for 4-5 minutes .take it out and serve hot....
* Always keep the puttu in a hot pot as the fresh puttu tastes better.
*if you have left over puttu,just steam it in a microwave oven for a few minutes.u will have fresh tasting puttu instantly.
*the key to a better tasting puttu is to add water carefully to prevent forming lumps.(put the rice flour in the small jar of the mixer grinder and run it for 2 seconds.)