Saturday, September 27, 2008

chicken fry

last time i went to kerala my bhavu took me to a resturant . they serve only chicken fry and chappathi and ghee rice. the chicken fry was sooo good that i took the recipe and tried that at home. it was sooo easy ,tastyand yummy...i want to share it with you my friends.....
chicken -1kg
chilly powder -1tbsp
haldi -1tsp
coriander powder -3tbsp
sauf powder -1tbsp
lime juice -1 full
salt -what required
Gram masala -1/2tsp
oil -for deep frying
marinate the chicken with all the ingredients for 1 hour.heat oil in a kadai.deep fry the chicken pieces.and garnish with fried green chillies and currypatha

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  1. Hey pk..

    hmm.. this one seems yummy!!!

    i did a similar dish... instead of frying the chicken, i grilled it and mixed them with onion fry... it turned out too good...



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