Wednesday, September 17, 2008


green peas is called attano in i am going to present a very simple and tasty gravy which i have tried a few days back.i got this recipe from a magazine which says that this recipe is a" thattukadai" i decided to try this at home.and it came out very well.for vegetarians, instead of egg they can use paneer ....try it out....
''''''''''''''''''''' peas -1 cup
2.egg -3 nos chilly powder -1tbsp
meat masala -1/2tbsp
haldi -1/2tsp
salt -to taste
4.onions chopped -2big
green chilly slited -3 nos
currypatha 2 sticks
crushed garlic -3 or 4
5.tomatoes -2nos
6.pepper powder 1/2tsp
7.coriander leaves -little
8.coconut oil -1tsp
soak green peas for 10 hours .then add enough water and salt and cook it directly on the flame.when it done add the red chilly powder,meat masala and haldi and (if required)salt .allow it to cook.when the masala aroma comes add chopped onions ,green chillies,garlic,chopped tomatoes and curry patha and stir it well.
in a pan add little coconut oil ,put the eggs, salt and pepper powder and scramble it.when it done add this with the green peas mixture and stir well.
garnish with coriander leaves and coconut oil.