Tuesday, September 30, 2008


this is a exotic dish which i have learned from a book,and i tried it and came out well.
things needed
chicken - 1kg
oil -for frying
onions -6nos
ginger -1''piece
garlic -10
tomato -3
curry patha -1 stick
haldi -1tsp
chilly powder -2tbsp
sauf -1tbsp
coriander powder -2tbsp
coconut milk -1st milk 1cup
-2nd milk 2cups
nutmeg powder -1tsp
coriander leaves -2tbsp
salt -to taste
  • clean the chicken and marinate with haldi and salt.
  • extract the coconut milk.first thick milk, keep it aside .take the second milk,along for cooking the chicken.

heat oil in a kadai.fry the half onions ,ginger ,and garlic till it become light golden brown.add the tomatoes chilli powder,haldi, sauf, coriander powder and grind it well into a smooth paste.

keep a kadai fry the rest of the onions,and curry patha.add the chicken and stir for couple of minutes.the chicken will leave water .allow it to dry. add the ground masala to the chicken and stir .add salt and put second coconut milk.and allow it to cook. keep it in a simmer fire. when it done add the first coconut milk and boil it to reduce. garnish with nutmeg powder and coriander leaves......


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