Saturday, September 27, 2008

lime rice (nimbya seeth)

"seeth" is a konkani word which means cooked rice. with the cooked raw rice we can make different varieties of rices.lime rice is one of them......

Ingredients required

1. raw rice - 1 cups
2. water - 2 cups
3. lemon - 1 full
4. oil - 2 tablespoons
5. Mustard -1 teaspoon
6. red chillies - 2 pieces
7. bengal gram (split) - 1 teaspoon
8. urad dal (split) - 1 teaspoon
9. curry leaves - 10 leaves
10. turmeric powder -1/2 teaspoon
salt to taste


Cook rice with water and a spoon full of oil. when it done allow it to cool .so the rice will not sticky
For seasoning .....
take two spoons of oil in a pan, heat it and put the mustard seeds in the oil. When the mustard seeds start popping and crackling add the red chillies. Then add the bengal gram and urad dal(split). Add a pinch of asafoetida (hing), curry leaves,salt and turmeric powder and the lime juice.mix the rice and mix well . Remove from fire .You can decorate the dish with chopped coriander and curry leaves.


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