Monday, September 29, 2008

bitter gaurd theeyal (karathya theeyal)

" theeyal " which means 'burnt curry' is a typical kerala dish,in which the main ingredients are coconut and tamarind .and usually this dish is a dark brown in colour.spicy and tasty also...

things needed

bitter guard-1 nos
sambar onions-1cup
tamarind pulp -2tbsp

cut the bitter guard into thin slices,clean the sambar onions and fry it separately in the oil. cook the fried vegetables with tamarind pulp and salt.

for masala

red chilly -7or8
methi(fenugreek seeds) -1/4tsp
dhanya(coriander seeds)1 1/2tbsp
garlic(optional) 2nos

dry fry the coconut ,red chilly,methi, dhanya,and garlic till it become brown .you have to fry this in a medium flame , otherwise the coconut will burnt very fast.when the coconut become brown putt off the fire and allow it to cool. grind these ingredients into a very smooth paste.add this masala to the cooked vegetables and boil for another 5 to 10 minutes.season with mustard and currypatha.


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