Saturday, September 27, 2008


avial is a traditional common south Indian side dish .even in kerala the "sadhya"(feast)with out avial is contains all the vegetables,then coconut and jeera which is very good for the digestion.



raw banana -1

yam -a small piece

potato -1

carrot - 1

drumstick -1

tomato- 2


raw mango- 1/2 a mango
salt -to taste
coconut -1
green chillies -4
jeera -1tsp
haldi -1/2tsp
curry patha - little
coconut oil -1tbsp

hing -little



boil the vegetables with salt and enough water.when it half done put tomato or raw mango and cook .

grind the grated coconut along with green chillies, haldi,and curry patha,with out adding should not be a smooth paste .it is actually altogether crushed.

add this ground masala into the cooked vegetables and mix not add water.

take a boil.put hing powder and coconut oil on the top and mix well.garnish with currypatha.and serve hot



  • do not add to much water . this is a medium dry side dish
  • put the raw mangoes or tomatoes little later while cooking because ,if you add these along with other vegetables ,they will take more time to cook.

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