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chundakkai adigeyi (pickle)

Pickles form an integral part of an Indian meal. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are cleaned and finely chopped, then mixed with a special blend of ground spices, and marinated in oil or lemon juice.The pickle serves as a flavor enhancer and is eaten typically in small pieces with the rest of the meal.Most pickles are made in the summer and allowed to mature in the hot sun for at least three weeks before use. Pickles are generally stored in porcelain or glass jars with air-tight lids. The acidic nature of the marinade retards bacterial growth, while the oil acts as a preservative. Pickles can retain their freshness and flavor so long as they do not come into contact with moisture.

Oorugai is the Tamil name for pickles. There are many indigenous varieties of pickles, some of the most popular ones being mangai urgai (mango pickle) and elimicha urgai (lime pickle). Some of the special pickles from Tamil Nadu include a tender mango pickle called 'maavadu'.

Maavadu is usually made early in the summer season when mangos are barely an inch long.



in konkani it is called as "adigeyi".or "nonche"or "pudighalene".these are three different methods of pickles which we konkanis usually do.adigeyi is more of liquid,and last for one month.where as nonche and pudighalene can be preserve for 3-4 years.this pudighalene is totally different from the is completely dry and the nonche is semi liquid .


chunakkai -1/4 kg

oil - for frying

cut the chunakkai into two pieces and marinate with salt for half an hour and fry it in the hot oil. keep it aside.

salt water -2-3 cups (boiled and cooled)

red chillies -20 nos

tamarind pulp -1/2 cup

roast the red chillies in little oil and grind it with tamarind pulp and enough salt water.

oil -1tbsp

mustard -1tsp

jeera -1tsp

curry leaves -1 spring

hing powder -1tsp

salt -to taste

in a kadai, add 1tbsp of oil .put mustard seeds , when it start spluttering add the jeera , curry patha and ground chilly paste and 1 cup of salt water also. take a boil. add the fried chudakkaiand enough salt if needed,and boil it for another 20 minutes in a simmer fire. add the hing powder at last and put off the fire. serve hot with rice or dosa.......

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