Friday, November 28, 2008

cauliflower tikka

cauliflower is not only for "Gobi Manchurian".it has many uses and is rich in vitamin C,folate and phytiochemicals which is very good for is also rich in cancer fighting bioflavanoids .it is an idle food for weight watchers because it is filling,high in fiber,and low in calories.

cauliflower is usually eaten cooked but some times eaten pickled and raw.Baking,steaming, boiling in minimum water are the best ways of cooking,to retain its flavor and reduce nutrient loss.

cauliflower tikka
cauliflower -2cups(clean and cut into 1 1/2 "pieces)
capsicum -1medium cut into cubes
tomato -1 medium
onions -2 medium cut into Julian
hung curd -1cup(put the curd in the muslin cloth and keep hanging for 1/2 an hour to drain the excess water)

ginger garlic paste -2tbsp
red chilly powder -2tsp
salt to taste
garam masala -1/2 tsp
jeera powder -2tsp
oil -4tbsp
lime juice -2tbsp

mix the curd with ginger garlic paste, jeera powder, salt, lime juice, garam masala, 2tbsp oil and red chili powder. apply half of the paste to cauliflower pieces and marinate for 2 hours.

grill the cauliflower in a in a hot oven till the cauliflower gets light brown .heat 2tbsp oil in a pan,add the sliced onions, and capsicum.stir well,till the onions gets light brown. add the remaining paste into it and mix well. add tomato strips and stir lightly.add the cauliflower pieces to it and stir nicely. serve hot with rice or chappati......

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