Sunday, December 7, 2008

adai ( lentil dosa)

Spicy lentil pan cake made with rice, Channa dal, thuvar dal Moog dal ,and red chili.

raw rice -1cup
Channa dal -1/4cup
thuvar dal -1/4 cup
Moog dal -1/4 cup
u rad dal -1/4 cup
red chillies -4-5
chopped onions -2
hing powder -1tsp
curry patha chopped -hand full

soak all the pulses along with rice for 5-6 hours.grind it into a corsily ground thick batteradd the red chillies and hing powder and grind it into a corsily ground thick batter.add choipped onions and curry patha.
make dosa ,adding 1tbsp of gingelly oil .flip it to the other side and roast it in the same method. serve hot with curd and honey or avial.............

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