Thursday, November 27, 2008


Roti with Dal and subji is a valuable source of proteins .Whole grain cereals like atta, are rich in iron, vitaminB and fibre. refined cereals like maida, however, furnish very little of these nutrients...

today i made tandoori roti (with out using a tandoor.).

you will be wondering how i made this roti with out using a tandoor.somebody told my mom in low that we can use the ordinary tava with handle(not the non stick) to make this roti. so we tried it . it came out very well. try this.....



atta -21/2 cups

water -1cup (approx.)

salt -1/2 tsp

sugar -1tbsp

ghee -2-3 tbsp


make a soft dough with atta, salt,and water.keep aside for half an hour.divide the dough into 6-7 equal balls.flatten each ball. roll out each into a round of 5''diameter.

heat the tava . don't apply any oil . sprinkle little water on the roties on one side and spread it . take it in you hand and and put it on the heated tava,and stick turn the tava upside down so that the roti will be done directly on the flame and ,when it done keep the tava in its normal position and cook the other side too.

put a cube of butter on the roti and serve hot.


tips for roties


  • knead the dough well and keep it covered for half and hour before using. if this is not done the edges become cracked and it will not get puffed properly.
  • use enough water to make the dough so that It does not become too dry or too wet in cooking.
  • the dough should be soft enough for chapattis and parathas.
  • add less water for making dough for puries.
  • do not use too much dry flour in rolling the roties.

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