Monday, November 10, 2008


idiyappam one of our favorite dish ....
my mom in low makes the idiyappam rice powder at home. here i am adding the preparation of the rice powder also. but so many people cant make this at home , they can buy the packet idiyappam powder ... that also comes out very nice....

preparation of rice powder for idiyappam.

raw rice (we makes it around 5kg raw rice.)soak it for 1/2 and hour and put it on a paper and dry it under the fan. powder it in the machine very a heated kadai, add small portions of rice powder and fry till the wetness goes off. when the wetness goes the rice powder become very silky. put it on a paper and cool it and you can keep it for months...

for idiyappam

Idiappam flour – 2 cups
Salt - to taste
Water - enough to add in the flour.
grated Coconut - little

Add salt to the flour and mix well.Boil the water and add enough to the flour to make a soft dough cover the dough with a lid for 15 minutes . then add little gingely oil into dough and mix it with your hand thoroughly. then only the idiyappam becomes soft. Wet your hands and put enough dough into the idiappam press.Make idiappam on oil coated idli plates, sprinkle some coconut grating and steam it for 10 mints.

serve hot with egg roast .......
wow .....

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