Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chutney powder [thambalepuddi in konkani]

the chutney powder is used as a side dish.with rice or even with dosha it can be served.the main ingredients are coconut and Dal' is so spicy and tasty.try it out....
1.coconut -1nos chillies -20 nos
3.coriander seeds-1 cup
4.urad dal -1 cup
5.channa dal -1cup
6.haldi -1 tbsp
7.tamarind -1big lemon size
8.salt -to taste
9.curry patha -handfull
10.hing -1tbsp

First fry the coconut and currypatha togother.fry it tillit become golden brown.keep it separately.

fry the dry seeds separately .
And dry fry the salt ,tamarind together ...

for grinding
grind the coconut,currypatha mixture first ,till the oil separates...
keep it in a little big vessel so that you can mix the other ground powders together....

grind the dry ingredients except tamarind and salt.

lastly add the dry fried tamarind salt into the ground Dal powder and again grind it together....
mix this powder with the ground coconut mixture...and mix it very well...
add salt if you want.
keep it in a tight container ...
you can use it as a side dish with rice.

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